Why do we exist?

Based in the heart of London’s creative “tech-city”, Blue Chip Leaders is at the cutting-edge of international leadership and talent development.

There are over 430,000 international students studying in the UK – if they leave with little more than a degree, a vast opportunity has been lost. Through our coveted leadership programmes, we work to transform the educational experience of those students, and ensure that they return home with highly developed leadership capacity, business acumen and cultural intelligence.

Our mission is to ensure that BCL graduates leave the UK as exceptional young leaders, able to add value to their graduate employer and country from day one and able to create positive change.

Who do we work with?

BCL partners with some of the most ambitious organisations in the world who want to transform the leadership capacity of the new generation. We work in the UK, US and Asia, and some of our current and former partners include Marshall Scholarships, Astro, Khazanah, Chevening Alumni Alliance, YTL and Axiata.

Who are we?

BCL doesn’t exist in an educational bubble – we have an outstanding and diverse network of entrepreneurs and senior business leaders who are at the coalface of international commerce and leadership, and who support the design and delivery of our stretching and challenging leadership programmes.

Our coaches and facilitators are all experienced British young leaders with professional and business backgrounds, close enough to empathise but with the distance required to challenge and stretch our students.

Please click on the photographs below to read the biographies of some of our team.