Carl Gombrich

Carl is the Programme Director of the new Arts and Sciences BASc undergraduate degree at University College London. It is a flagship venture for UCL and plays a key part in the section Transforming Education in the Provost’s White Paper.


Carl has degrees in Maths, Physics and Philosophy and was a professional opera singer for four years, having studied piano at the Guildhall School of Music and then singing at the National Opera Studio, where he was the Royal Opera House scholar. He has taught a wide range of students in all these areas. Before his current role he was Principal of the UPC international foundation courses at UCL.


In his new role, he is ‘fully blended’ and has a wide range of responsibilities associated with the Arts and Sciences degree, from curriculum development and teaching on the programme, to leading on marketing, employer relations, acting as admissions tutor and liaising with schools.


His current interests are mostly focussed on developments in higher education, interdisciplinary learning and teaching, the use of technology in education, and the notion of ‘expertise’ in future professional work and its relation to academic higher education.


Carl is an Advisor to Blue Chip Leaders.